Computer Repair Sidney, OH

Computer Repair

Is this you? We know how important technology is to everyday life and we want to make sure your computer is running at the highest speed. If parts break or your computer won’t boot windows, any problem you have our experts can fix. If it is not a hardware issue we can even fix your computer remotely for most problems. The average person doesn’t want to carry their desktop or laptop to a repair shop and wait days or even weeks for it to return. Almost all repairs we do are next day. We will also come to you as long as you are within a 100-mile radius of Sidney, OH.


Has your computer slowed over the years or just needs a boost. We have ways to improve the speed of your computer to like new or in some cases faster than when you bought it. I know some of you are thinking how is this possible? Well, most computer companies install junk software that always runs that will keep taking up RAM and other resources and you may never even know they are running.

Virus Removal

Those pesky viruses bringing you down. Sometimes having a virus can make being on your computer a nightmare. We can bring relief to your virus problem. We are able to fix and remove almost every virus. We get to the root of where it is at and fix the problem there. Viruses called Trojans can do things like steal credit card information if you buy online or other personal information. You may never even know you have it. We will give you peace of mind when we clear the virus or viruses off your PC or Laptop.


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